Our factory


At every stage of creating one of our products, we adhere to the highest possible standards. In fact, the furniture making process of The Comfort Factory is almost all done by hand. Here in Yorkshire, our skilled craftsmen combine traditional techniques with the latest technology to deliver superior products you’ll love for many years to come. It’s what proper quality is all about.

The process


The research

From the outset, our work is completely focused on meeting the comfort needs of our customers. This means undertaking lots of detailed research to find out exactly what they want.


The design

Using over 60 years of expertise, we meticulously design and plan the construction of every single piece of our furniture. This includes producing prototypes to fine tune every element.

The process, fabric

The fabric

We hand cut our fabrics into separate shapes that will stretch and fit perfectly to our unique designs. The individual pieces are then sewn together to our exacting standards.

The process, frame

The frame

Using hardwoods, we create a solid frame that has all the right curves in all the right places. Key to this process are our craftsmen, who make sure everything is finished off perfectly.


The upholstery

Attaching upholstery to one of our wooden frames is a unique undertaking every single time. It requires great skill and real creative flair to make sure every inch is finished exquisitely.


The inspection

Every aspect of every single piece of our furniture is rigorously inspected before it leaves The Comfort Factory. It’s how we guarantee 100% comfort, 100% satisfaction.