Our heritage


In our factory in Yorkshire, our craftsmen have a long and proud history of building superior pieces of furniture that deliver exceptional comfort and style.

Initially, we only supplied the items we created to healthcare environments that demanded the highest standards and needed chairs, recliners and footstools that would last the test of time.

But once the public began to see and experience the excellence of our work, a new market quickly emerged. People told us they weren’t satisfied with the quality of the furniture available on the high street – and especially at the inflated prices they were being charged.

Furniture that delivers on all fronts

So using our vast knowledge and expertise, we began to design a whole range of furniture that would still be suitable for healthcare environments but also look great in any home.

After taking our time to beautifully finish everything to our exacting standards, we’re now delighted to exclusively offer this collection on The Comfort Factory’s website.

Every chair, every footstool, every piece of furniture has been designed and handcrafted to offer you lasting comfort, year in, year out. It’s no word of lie when we say we only offer products that are built to last and look super stylish.

Huge savings passed on to you

On top of all of this, please make sure you compare our products to similar ones available on the high street and in retail parks. Not only are the construction and materials we use superior, our prices are also considerably lower.

You see, we don’t pay huge amounts of money for TV or newspaper adverts, or rent showrooms all over the UK – costs that are always passed on to the customer.

Instead, we simply focus on creating proper quality furniture and making sure all of the prices of our products are as low as they possible can be.

No wonder more and more people are ordering from The Comfort Factory every week.

Our heritage