Our service


Our customers order from us knowing they will receive top-quality furniture that delivers everything we say it will deliver – which is probably why so many of them come back to us again and again.

Something else we also know they really appreciate is the fact we’re still a family-run business. We offer a personal, friendly and expert customer service that’s always happy to chat through any queries you may have about our products or your orders.

In fact, after taking a look around The Comfort Factory’s website, feel free to give us a call on 01535 272957, or send us an email at hello@thecomfortfactory.co.uk, if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

Going above and beyond at every opportunity

Do you know what the British Standard EN ISO 9001 is all about? Apart from being a bit of a mouthful, it’s an accreditation recognised all over the world that means we adhere to very exacting standards throughout the manufacturing of our products and after our customers take delivery of them.

But meeting the standards set out by the accreditation is only the beginning of the story for us. We’re constantly looking to improve our processes and source superior materials so our customers benefit from an even more personal service and greater comfort and support from our products.

No advertising. No showrooms. Just savings.

As well as creating top-quality products, we’re determined to deliver great value for money to our customers.

The truth is that a stylish, well-built armchair, recliner or footrest that will last for many years does not have to cost a small fortune. Yet if you go shopping for furniture on the high street or at retail parks, you’ll find prices that make your eyes water and wallet hurt.

The reason for this is that furniture companies who do not even produce their own products continue to spend large amounts of money on advertising and renting large stores across the UK. Costs that are always passed on to their customers.

At The Comfort Factory, we do things very differently. We simply concentrate on designing and building superior furniture that offers optimum comfort and support. So that means no advertising, no showrooms, just savings for you.