Guide to rise and recline chairs

Your guide to rise and recline chairs (often referred to as riser recliners) and manual recliners

Riser recliner chairs are an excellent choice if:

  • you often need help to rise out of a chair
  • you struggle with ailments that cause discomfort when getting in, sitting in or rising out of a chair
  • you occasionally need to sleep in your chair

Choosing the right riser recliner can help with these issues and keep you independent.

The rising action of the chair can help you sit down and stand up.

The reclining action can increase comfort, especially if you sit down a lot during the day.


RisingElectric-powered riser recliners are operated by using an easy-to-use handset, whilst manual recliners are operated by releasing a recessed locking catch situated outside the right arm when seated. Manual models recline the chair but will not assist in helping you to your feet.

With electric models, when you press the relevant button on the handset the seat, arms and back will slowly lift and tilt so you can stand up.

Sitting down simply works the other way. You position yourself on the raised seat and press the relevant button so the chair moves back to the traditional seating position. After this the chair can be reclined slowly if you desire.


RecliningRiser recliners are perfect if you want to put your feet up in a chair and lie back for a rest.

You can even use the handset to move yourself into the most comfortable position for different activities, such as reading a book, watching the TV or having a nap.

If you need to sit in a chair for long periods of time, a riser recliner is also exceptionally useful. You can use the handset to easily change your position so you remain comfortable at all times and never feel sore.

This type of chair is particularly helpful if you need your legs to be lifted when you’re sitting to prevent pain or discomfort.

Making the right choice

Its sensible to buy from a specialist who can offer high-quality manual, rise and recline and tilt-in-space models – someone who can offer two seat heights on their powered models so the chair meets all your expectations. Also its important that they feature lumbar support in the backrest, top quality upholstery and padding so you can relax in comfort and style.

Manual recliners

Manual recliner movements:

Using a recessed handle you can semi-recline the chair easily and open up the footrest. Use the handle again whilst pushing backwards on the seat’s backrest and you’ll comfortably move to an almost horizontal position.

To slowly return the seat to an upright position, you just need to sit up so all of your weight is on the seat cushion. Then make sure the release catch is in the closed position, before pushing down and back against the footrest until the chair locks into place.

Electric rise and recline chairs

Electric rise and recline movements:

The preferred model of electric rise and recline chairs is fitted with two motors so you can control the backrest and footrest independently. This means that at the touch of a button you can move yourself into an almost infinite number of positions.

It’s also worth noting that these motors operate almost silently and change the position of your chair effortlessly, minimising disturbance to the occupant.

In addition, its advisable to make sure that your choice of electric rise and recline chairs feature extremely supportive and comfortable seats, which makes them great to sit on when fully upright and used as a conventional armchair.

Tilt-in-space rise and recline chairs

Tilt-in-space rise and recline chairs movements:

A tilt-in-space electric rise and recline chair maintains the angle between the seat and occupant’s back when rising or reclining. This offers a number of significant benefits:

  • Spinal and pelvic areas are fully supported at all times, providing greater comfort and support than a standard recliner.
  • Pressure and soreness are relieved to a higher degree because a person’s weight is spread evenly through the whole seat and back.
  • Greater leg elevation (above the user’s hips) is possible, which can provide additional comfort, especially to people with poor leg circulation and similar conditions.
  • The occupant’s back will never slip from or rub against the backrest when the chair is reclining.
  • The additional base function makes sure the occupant sits correctly in the chair, improving posture and providing better spinal support.

Choosing the look you want

Once you know which type of riser recliner is right for you, it’s time to choose the style and look you want.

You can pick from classical riser recliners with scroll arms to more modern chairs that will look great in contemporary homes and healthcare environments.

Great range of fabrics to choose from

Aim to buy from a company who have a great range of fabrics to choose from that are particularly suitable for both healthcare and home environments and that they meet all current fire retardancy specifications.

You may also be interested to know that some companies manufacture conventional chairs, two and three seater settees too to match all “motion” models. They’re perfect for coordinating everything together in a room.

Bariatric models – rise and recline (only)

There is an increasing requirement for powered bariatric chairs for those of above average stature and its possible to purchase models capable of lifting someone up to 35 stones in weight. These models may very well be fitted with wings for snoozing and may be available with the same arm styles as those capable of lifting lesser weights. The intention is that when placed with regular models, the bariatric equivalent doesn’t look out of place. 

Providing peace of mind

Make sure that recliner motors and mechanisms carry a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and frames carry the same. It should be noted that these will probably become void if the chair has been abused or not used in the correct manner. The upholstery covering itself is rarely covered by warranty however go for Contract quality fabric which normally has a longer life and is flame retardant to a higher standard than Domestic quality. 

In addition, for safety make sure that the mains lead (on powered models) is protected with an extra armoured flexible surround. 

Its very, very important that all powered models are fitted with a battery backup, so occupants can be moved to an upright position during a power failure. It should be noted that if this happens then the batteries should be replaced immediately afterwards.

To find out more about manual recliners, riser recliners, tilt-in-space and bariatric tilt-in-space models why not take a look at The Comfort Factory, where you may just find the product you are looking for.

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